Thursday, April 26, 2012


     I am not a blogger, I do it so infrequently that I should have my "blogging card" taken away. I don't even know why I attempt it. This site just sits here, a constant reminder of another thing in my life that I try, and get bored with, and move on to the next "new" thing that will get the notoriety I so desperately need.
This being said, .... I blog
     I am good at finger pointing, or what I like to call "troubleshooting". I can find problems with society, with work, with others, etc. You put it in front of me, I can pick it apart. Probably because I notice it in my own life first. Ok, not probably, definitely. My complaint lately is with the sense of community, or lack of it. I know this subject fairly well, because it is something I desperately, desperately need, and at the same time, desperately fight against. I need people in my life, but I isolate myself from others at the same time. If I need a hammer, instead of borrowing it from my neighbor, I go to the store and get it myself. If I need an answer about something I don't know, instead of going to a friend or neighbor, I go to the internet and get it myself. I try to go out in society, and interact with others at a restaurant or coffee shop, but they are all interacting with their iphones, ipads, imacs, typing, texting, .... whatever we do.  I am by nature self sufficient, isolated, deprived, and instead of going to a friend to talk, vent, or just hang out, I have my virtual "friends" whom, although are real people, it is just not the same. there is no depth there, just skin deep conversations. When others try to get close to me for companionship, I retreat, not because I don't want it, but probably because I am not used to it and it makes me uncomfortable. Ok, not probably, definitely. 
     I dislike this about me. I guess I am just in a funk right now and need a friend to complain to. this too much?


  1. I hear you! Love the picture of the cactus! What a great illustration of the way so many of us are, some from shyness, some from superiority, some from independence, all lonely people. Jesus is the great Friend who can lead us to heart connections with others. I have a favorite quote. "Apart from the friendship of God, a friend's affection is the greatest treasure." I, too, have many virtual friends, but I feel the need to have a physical friend present in case I need to give or receive a hug! Blessings to you, Doug.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I really like that quote.


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Aaron Huey
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