Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Is What It Is

    I hear this phrase more and more, or maybe I am just noticing it more because of my present mindset, who knows...... it is what it is. What I take from this is that wherever you are, there you are. What I mean is that we have so little control of the majority of what we think we do.

  • The past is the past, we can't do anything about it, so why "worry" about or dwell upon it. What we can do it take lessons from the past, build our character, and move on.
  • The future is undetermined, why worry about it. We have very little input of how it will turn out, we think we do, we dream, we plan, but there are so many variables that affect the future that usually it turns out differently than we thought or hoped it would. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but usually a surprise.
  • The present is where we are, it is where we live, and really the only thing we have "control" over (if you can call it control) as far as how we feel, how we respond, how we live our lives.  How we respond to what is in front of us it a response from of character, which comes from lessons learned from our past accomplishments and failures, and has a lot more to do with "our" future than we know.
   So, what is in front of us right now is really the only focus of our lives. Sure we can plan and prepare for the future, but knowing that the future is not really in our hands. Where we are and what we are doing right now is  more important than all that. If we really focused on the present, how can I be used of God in this present time, where I am right now, to "better God's reputation in the eyes of others, I think is more important than our vision of ministry than we know. If we are traveling down the road and we come to a fork, do we take a left or right, what is God's will..... the answer is both.  If we take a left, there are people along that path whom we can impact for the Kingdom. If we take a right, there are some along this journey whom we will have an impact on as well. When we arrive at out end, it will all make sense. The great thing about the journey is that I have to be OK with it not making sense right now. I have to be OK with not understanding how God works in my life, and I am, cause "It Is What It Is". I am just along for the ride.

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Aaron Huey
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